Sally Brace

What can I say, I just love flowers! Oh and foliage.

Nature inspires me, and the memories and experiences of growing up in the countryside have shaped my imagination, making  my work free and responsive to the flora I am working with.

I like to use flowers, seasonal foliage and herbs equally in my arrangements, no favouritism here, although if pressed I would choose ranunculus as my favourite flower. Don't tell the others I said that though.

Previously in fashion for 20 years working as a stylist and a designer I have a very developed eye for colour, and visual display. In 2006 decided on a complete career change and took a course in floral design and business and have never looked back. 

Working and learning with established and inspirational florists in London I have learned the trade from the bottom rung. I have sweated my petals off over the years to get where I am today: creating and providing floral arrangements working closely with clients to deliver on all their requirements in an inspiring, original way.